“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.” - Jonathan Swift

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Interactive Consulting, Inc. is a chemical technology, expert witness, and management consulting firm. In the forensic litigation area we provide expert witness services for product liability and personal injury cases. Our clients include plaintiff and defense attorneys as well as insurance companies. Cases include, but are not limited to: hazardous materials, fires, explosions, toxic exposure, chemical burns, hair relaxers and household or industrial products. Additionally, we provide litigation services in the areas of intellectual property, patent analysis, patent infringement and trade secret violations.

We also specialize in creating breakthroughs in market, product and process development for the specialty chemical and related industries. We provide Technical Marketing/applications and product development services. Other services include brainstorming/ideation sessions, custom market research, technology transfer and strategic/tactical planning in the areas of global technology development and expansion. We specialize in Idea Generation and Development for Specialty Chemicals in the industrial and Cosmetic Industries.

Interactive Consulting serves clients internationally in the industrial, household, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and medical device sectors. We offer professional technical content editing, technical writing and technical conference planning/strategizing services.

Services & Expertise

Expert Witness

Products liability

Personal Injury

Intellectual Property

Trade Secret Violation

Technical Marketing: Specialty Chemicals

Product Development Ideation

Mind Mapping for Complex Subjects

Technical Article Content Editing