About Interactive Consulting, Inc.

Interactive Consulting, Inc. was founded by Meyer R. Rosen, an internationally recognized expert in specialty chemicals and their use and application. Mr. Rosen also serves as an expert witness and consultant for attorneys and insurance companies in product liability and personal injury expert witness.

In the specialty chemical area, our consultation services include:

Our analyses have helped create breakthroughs in Market, Product and Process Development for the Specialty Chemical and Allied Industries. We conduct customized Technology and Market Research, and also provide Product Formulation, Optimization, Characterization and Control services.

We have expert location, technology transfer and technical writing capabilities as well as providing support for mergers and acquisitions. Among the industries we serve are the Consumer, Household, Industrial, Pharmaceutical, Personal Care and Medical Service industries.

Interactive Consulting has a staff of experts who are skilled at Strategic Planning and Ideation Services. We conduct Market and Application Development for new and existing products, as well as provide Technology and Licensing Support.

Strategic and Tactical Planning

We conduct Ideation and Executive Coaching for both individuals and groups. Examples include training programs such as Team Building, Problem Solving and Current Business Issues.

Technology and Applications Development

Mr. Rosen has core technology expertise in the following areas:

  • Polymers - Rheology Modifiers, Applied Rheology, Water Soluble Polymers, Poly (ethylene oxide), Poly     (acrylamide), Flocculants, Water-soluble Films and Coagulants
  • Surface and Interfacial Chemistry - Emulsions, Foams, Antifoams, Silane Coupling Agents, Lubricants,     Stability of Dispersions, Suspensions and Emulsions
  • Surfactants - Detergents and Wetting Agents
  • Organosilicones
  • Clays and Binders
  • Services & Expertise

    Expert Witness

    Product liability

    Personal Injury

    Intellectual Property

    Trade Secret Violation

    Technical Marketing: Specialty Chemicals

    Product Development Ideation

    Mind Mapping for Complex Subjects

    Technical Article Content Editing