January 29, 2022

Interactive Consulting, Inc. is pleased to announce that the biography of its President, Meyer R. Rosen, has been accepted for inclusion in the upcoming edition of Marquis Who’s Who in America. This is an acknowledgement representing an endorsement of the individual achievements of Business Professionals from the state of Florida (USA).

January 24, 2022

Meyer R. Rosen, President of Interactive Consulting, Inc., and Editor- in- Chief of Harry’s Cosmeticology, 9 th Ed., is pleased to announce that the University of Toledo, the major cosmetic science university in the U.S., has recommended the Harry’s Focus Book Series to their students as resources for ongoing educational studies in cosmetic science.

January 10, 2022 :

Mr. Meyer R. Rosen, President of Interactive Consulting, Inc. is pleased to announce that he was invited by the Newmark High School (Scotch Plains, N.J.) to conduct a student training of personal care and cosmetic science as part of the chemistry curriculum. Areas of interest were enthusiastically received and included, but were not limited to: Physical chemistry, types of personal care, what chemical properties such products have; what ingredients are needed etc- and then, relating them to the molecules and atoms that are in the ingredients. The primary mission of Newmark K-8 School and Newmark High School is to create opportunities for all students to reach high levels of academic, social and emotional performance for children living with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disabilities.

December, 2021 :

Meyer R. Rosen, President of Interactive Consulting, Inc. is pleased to announce he has been accepted as a Member of the Publications Committee of The AIC (American Institute of Chemists, Inc). Mr. Rosen will be contributing his extensive editing experience to peer review publications of the AIC.

September, 2021 :

Meyer R. Rosen, President of Interactive Consulting, Inc., is pleased to announce that Lawyer International has confirmed Mr. Rosen’s accolade as the Best Speciality Chemical Expert Witness of the Year 2021.

July, 2021 :

Meyer R. Rosen, President of Interactive Consulting is honored to have received notice from Research Gate that his publications have reached the milestone of 200 citations.

May, 2021 :

Meyer R. Rosen, President of Interactive Consulting, Inc., is pleased to announce that our company’s recent recognition by the Royal Society of Chemistry in the UK. The digital badge notes the pride of the RSC community and recognizes Mr. Rosen’s long standing role supporting RSC and recognizes his skills and achievements. One of these major achievements is his peer editorship of the RSC book “Discovering Cosmetic Science”.

May, 2021 :

Meyer R. Rosen, President of Interactive Consulting, Inc. is pleased to announce our company’s relocation to Florida. Note our new telephone number is 1-239-221-8161 and mobile number remains +1-516-459-2050; direct all emails to We continue to serve all our clients both in the U.S.A as well as internationally.

November, 2020 :

Review By Mr. Meyer Rosen

November, 2020 :

Meyer R. Rosen, President of Interactive Consulting, Inc. and Editor-in-Chief of Eurocosmetics Magazine is pleased to announce the Royal Society of Chemistry’s publication of their new book “Discovering Cosmetic Science.”. Mr. Rosen is acknowldeged by the RSC as one of the book’s peer reviewers.

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October, 2020 :

Meyer R. Rosen, President of Interactive Consulting, Inc., is pleased to announce that our company’s forensic expert services to the legal and cosmetic science community have been expanded to international clientele around the world.

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August, 2020 :

We are pleased to announce our listing in Expert Witness Awards 2020.

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July, 2020 :

Meyer R. Rosen, President of Interactive Consulting, Inc. is pleased to announce that is now providing formulation guidance to the cosmetic industry from his cosmetic science book Harry's Cosmeticology, 9th Ed.

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July, 2020 :

Announces a series of selections from Harry’s Cosmeticology, 9th Ed. moderated by Editor-in-Chief, Meyer R. Rosen

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July, 2020 :

Meyer Robert Rosen Presented with the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award by Marquis Who's Who

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April 23, 2020 :

Meyer R. Rosen has been awarded The Lawyer- Monthly Expert Witness Award. This award recognizes experts that have superior knowledge and experience within their field and have a proven record in assisting either third parties, courts, tribunals, arbitration hearings and official enquiries to help them understand the issues in a case or report and thereby reach a sound and just decision.

April 1, 2020 :

Mr. Rosen has published over 50 peer reviewed articles in the scientific literature and, as shown in Google Scholar citations, his work has been cited almost 1,000. times by other researchers relying upon his work

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December 2019 :

An Exclusive Interview in the International Lawyer's Magazine (

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September 2019 :

“Appreciation by Researchgate”

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July 2019 :

“Chapters of Harry’s Cosmeticology, 9 th ed made available to IFSCC Members”

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June 2019:

According to Research Gate, a well known App that keeps track of research citations of
contributors to the scientific literature, Meyer R. Rosen, President: Interactive Consulting, Inc.,
achieved an acknowledgement award for 150 citations of global individuals who referenced
his scientific articles.

October 2018 : Announcement for upcoming Seminar

"17 Oct 2018, 13:30 - 14:45 Marketing Trends & Regulations Theatre 2"

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Find your session in our Marketing Trends & Regulations schedule:

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April 2018 :

"Harry’s Cosmeticology, 9th ed. at Incosmetics-Global in Amsterdam"

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December 2017 :

"Tradition breaking seminar at in-cosmetics show in New York"

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November 2017 :

Seminar held at the prestigious InCosmetics, North America conference at the
Jacob Javits Center in New York City.

Right Side - Mr. Meyer Rosen addressing the conference.

July 2017 - Announcement for upcoming seminar in Oct 2017 :

Meyer R. Rosen, Editor-in-Chief of EuroCosmetics Magazine and President of Interactive Consulting, Inc. announces his new anti-aging seminar at the prestigious InCosmetics, North America conference to be held at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City in October 2017. Also included in the announcement is a link to Harry’s Cosmeticology, 9th Ed.

Mr. Rosen is Editor- in- Chief of this 2,600 page book trilogy covering all aspects of the Cosmetic Industry by over 150 global experts. Harry’s Cosmeticology has been known worldwide to the industry for over 60 years. It is the widest selling, “go-to book” for individuals at all levels of knowledge in the technical, sales and business areas. The 9th edition has been doubled in size over the 8th edition and is available in both hard copy and e-book versions as well as eight shorter “Focus Books” taken from the full encyclopedic three volume edition.” All of the Focus Books are coordinated with educational presentations being conducted during the InCosmetics N.A. conference and exhibition.

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March 2016 :

Meyer Rosen, Editor-in-Chief of Harry’s Cosmeticology, 9th edition announces the availability of the 1st focus book in the Harry's trilogy series, Molecular biology, gene expression and cosmetics.

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November 2015

HAPPI Magazine publishes full review of Harry's Cosmeticology, 9th Ed
Interactive Consulting, Inc., in conjunction with Chemical Publishing Company begin
Introducing a Series of “Focus Books”, on specific topics drawn from the 3 volume, 2,600 page Harry’s Cosmeticology, 9th Ed.

September 2015

Journal of Cosmetic Science publishes full review of Harry's Cosmeticology, 9th Ed. by Professor Joel Zatz, Rutgers University (Sept.-October 2015 issue)
Chemists Corner publishes online Podcast with Meyer R. Rosen, Editor-in-Chief of Harry's Cosmeticology, 9thed.

June 2015

CosmeticDesign-USA does interview with Meyer R. Rosen, Editor-in-Chief of new Harry’s Cosmeticology, 9th Ed. book Trilogy

April 2015

UCLA selects Harry’s Cosmeticology, 9th Ed., as its Master Textbook for Skin and Hair Technology and Science Courses

April 2015- the 2,600 page, 3 volume text and eBook, with contributions by over 160 global experts, was chosen for education of students of cosmetic science and technology for its broad coverage and detailed descriptions of major categories of interest to industry professionals.

Interactive Consulting, Inc. now offers Professional Technical Content Editing.

April 2015- Specializing in: technical papers, magazine articles, press releases, brochures, white papers, website content, patent applications and advertorials

Chemical Publishing Company, Inc. announces availability of Harry’s Cosmeticology, 9th Ed. (

-April 2015- Harry’s Cosmeticology, the most popular book in the cosmetic technical book of all time, is updated by Meyer R. Rosen, FRSC, FAIC, together with over 150 international experts in the essential fundamentals, advanced and frontier areas of cosmetics and personal care science and technology.

At over 2,600 pages, this three volume handbook is also available as a fully searchable eBook and draws on current expertise from industry, academia and the dermatological profession. It has also been designed as a textbook for use by Universities and Cosmetic Societies around the world.

-Meyer R. Rosen Appointed Editor-in-Chief: for EuroCosmetics Magazine. (Germany)

July 2014- Meyer R. Rosen, President and Founder of Interactive Consulting, Inc..was appointed as Editor-in-Chief: North and Latin America for EuroCosmetics Magazine (Germany)Meyer R. Rosen Appointed Editor-in- Chief, Harrys Cosmeticology, 9thEd.January 2012- Meyer R. Rosen, President and Founder of Interactive Consulting was appointed Editor-in-Chief of Harry’s Cosmeticology, 9th Ed.

Harrys Cosmeticology is the most popular book in the cosmetic and personal care industry for the past 60 years.

Meyer R. Rosen will Co-Moderate the 2011 HBA Global Expo Session "The Dermatology-Cosmeceutical Interface: A Provocative Inquiry"

(May 22, 2011)- HBA Global Expo announced that Meyer R. Rosen, President and Founder of Interactive Consulting, Inc., will be Co-Moderator, with Dr. Zoe Draelos, M.D., for the Technical Session, "The Dermatology-Cosmeceutical Interface: A Provocative Inquiry". The Panel brings together Dermatologists in the Medical Community with Leaders in the Industrial Cosmetic and Personal Care Suppliers arena for a spirited discussion of issues at the technology transfer interface.

Meyer R. Rosen will Co-Moderate the 2011 HBA Global Expo Session "Executive Leadership Panel: Generating the Future in the Skin Anti-Aging Category"

May 22, 2011)- HBA Global Expo announced that Meyer R. Rosen, President and Founder of Interactive Consulting, Inc., will be Co-Moderator, with Simon Pitman, Senior Editor, Design News Media, Cosmetic Design Magazine (Europe) for the Technical Session, "Executive Leadership Panel: Generating the Future in the Skin Anti-Aging Category". The panel brings together international senior management in the Cosmetics and Personal Care Industry to provide their view and direction to industry leaders.

Meyer R. Rosen Appointed Editor of EuroCosmetics Magazine

May 12, 2011)- Meyer R. Rosen, President and Founder of Interactive Consulting, Inc.. was appointed as Editor: United States & Canada, for EuroCosmetics Magazine (Germany)

Meyer R. Rosen Designs Unique Presidential Panel for HBA Global Expo Technical Conference

(Aug 18, 2010)- Meyer Rosen, President of Interactive Consulting, Inc. and Chief Scientific Advisor & Director of Technical Programming at HBA Global Expo was interviewed by about a unique panel he designed for HBA Global Expo 2010. The Panel will bring together five Presidents from the personal care industry to discuss future directions of the industry.

Meyer R. Rosen Appointed to Knovel Editorial Advisory Board

(September, 2009) - Meyer R. Rosen, President of Interactive Consulting, Inc. has been appointed to the Editorial Advisory Board of the Knovel Corporation ( Knovel’s website has over 600 subscribing institutions and twenty content collections serving the needs of engineers and applied scientists. It provides unique Interactive Access to scientific and engineering data that generates a new paradigm in facilitating process and product development objectives. Rosen will provide feature ideas and evaluate & prioritize new content opportunities in the Personal Care & Cosmetic areas.

HBA Global Expo Doubles Attendance

(August 19, 2008) – Meyer R. Rosen, President of Interactive Consulting, Inc. designed the HBA Global Expo Technical Program and doubled attendance from 2007. The Technical Program, dubbed HBA University was designed to provide you with what attendees "Need to Know" drawing on more than 140 speakers, from five countries, featuring the best minds in the business, focused on educating global attendees in 26 different technology areas!

3rd Annual International Safety, Regulatory & Organic Certification Summit

(September 10, 2008) – Moderated by Meyer R. Rosen, Chief Scientific Advisor and Organizer, HBA Global Expo, and Rebecca James Gadberry, Chairman and CEO, YG Laboratories, this year's Summit provides an extraordinary multi-faceted view by 15 experts drawn from government, corporations, consultants and attorneys.

REACH: Two Months & Counting, Resources & Information Workshop for Securing Market Access

(Thursday, September 11, 2008) – Meyer R. Rosen designs unique REACH workshop on European Regulations affecting the personal care and cosmetic industry"


Wide Variety of Innovative Processes, Products, and Research Presented in HBA Technical Conference Program

(New York, NY, July 2008) – With a focus on critical thinking, access to new innovation and recognition of the need for extraordinary technical-marketing communication to insure new product development success, the HBA Global Expo Educational Program, designed by Meyer R. Rosen, Founder & President of Interactive Consulting, Inc is more robust than ever. More than 200 industry-expert HBA faculty members will be presenting the latest research, trends and technology advancements in 52 sessions on 28 different subject areas.

From "SPECIALCHEM4COSMETICS" | Educational focus for HBA: interview with Meyer R. Rosen, Chief Scientific Advisor | By Imogen Matthews

(June 18, 2008) -- It is little over a year since HBA Global Expo, the industry's leading product development event and educational conference, appointed Meyer R. Rosen as its Chief Scientific Advisor. He was given carte blanche to change "anything and everything" in order to make HBA's technical conference known as the largest, most powerful conference in the world. Mr Rosen, who is a recognized expert in the technical marketing of specialty chemicals and President of Interactive Consulting Inc., talks to Special Chem about how his ideas for HBA are becoming a reality and his vision for the future.

From "C& | E-Newsletter" | Well-being in Personal Care: An Interview with Meyer Rosen

(January 16, 2008) -- Wellness is a concept from ancient times that has for years been reflected in spa market. The concept of wellness has also translated into cosmetics and personal care, oftentimes through "accompanying" fragrances designed to elicit an emotional response of relaxation. However, the psychological study of wellness and other emotions has taken a scientific turn as the R&D side of personal care looks to find ways to measure consumer response to products and capitalize on that response.

Relaxation, energizing, even "happiness-promoting" materials have been studied and current products available on the market have been designed to incorporate such materials—backed by some form of scientific evidence supporting claims for these effects.

So where is the cosmetics R&D industry at in delving into the psyche of consumers to develop and deliver "feel-good" products to consumers? Meyer Rosen, Founder & President of Interactive Consulting, Inc and Chief scientific advisor for Health and Beauty America's spring conference, shares some of his thoughts on well-being in the personal care industry.

"Many [companies in the industry] are attacking the main issues of cosmeceuticals, nutraceuticals, beauty from within, antiaging vs. aging, botanicals, renewables, organics, etc., all from different angles," Rosen told C&T magazine. "But it one word can be used to describe all these things in an overall sense–well-being." He added that no matter which approach or sub-category a company is in, they are all after a sense of well-being.

By making a consumer look younger, for example, it makes the consumer feel better about themselves, thus providing a sense of well-being. And in order to provide such an effect, aging itself must be better understood. "In order to understand what is happening in aging skin, we have to understand aging—and you don't understand it by looking at pictures of the skin, you have to understand the biochemistry of the skin," said Rosen. "We haven't done that as an industry because it used to be someone else's job. [However], now [cosmetic] companies are beginning to hire people in, and going out to universities, who understand aging and biochemistry."

Beyond wellness achieved from feeling younger, wellness is achieved when a consumer buys "natural" products since it feels trustworthy and "good" for them. "There is a consumer push or pull that naturals are seen as better than synthetic chemicals," said Rosen. "I think that our industry is going in a good direction—we not only have [consumers] who want natural things, we also have personal care scientists and biochemists [who can develop these products], and some medical folks looking for new business, so we have a crossover."

Where are the natural ingredients, that really work, coming from? "We've begun to ask what it is in ancient remedies that had people using them," said Rosen. "What we have done is taken 'fancy' science and a new understanding of biochemistry to see what these ancient remedies are made of; some plants, for example, are high in sterols and antioxidants and moisturizers, explained Rosen. "One company has found 10 ayurvedic herbal remedies that can be used to make skin lighter. They have found ways to extract the essential oils from these ancient herbs in such a way without damaging them, then taking all ten of these and trying them out in different clinical studies—and guess what: They work. "We're using a sophisticated understanding to look at ancient things and refine them to use them in personal care and cosmetic products." He added that they seem to work better than ever before. And from the formula to the packaging, well-being is represented by a feeling of doing "good" for the environment—just look at the green phenomenon. "Growing interest in green chemistry and renewable resources has reached such a feverpitch that bottles can not sit in landfills anymore," said Rosen. "[I recently saw] a lipstick housed in a container that had a seed in, so once the tube was thrown away, it grows a flower. People are coming up with new packaging that falls apart, biodegrades and are based on renewable resources."

It seems that it's all in the terminology. Whether the consumer expresses feeling a sense of well-being, excitement over looking younger from an antiaging product, greener in the sense they use natural products or Earth-friendly-manufactured products, or that they leave less of a carbon footprint, personal care chemists and formulators have to innovate to match whatever well-being concept the consumer is seeking.


(New York, NY, April 2007) -- HBA Global Expo,, the industry's leading product development event and educational conference, has appointed Meyer R. Rosen, Chief Scientific Advisor. Mr. Rosen is Founder & President of Interactive Consulting, Inc. and is an internationally known and respected industry leader, expert, author, and editor in specialty chemicals, personal care and cosmetics technologies. He is also Conference Chair and Organizer of HBA's Annual International Regulatory Summit.

In his new role, Mr. Rosen will be responsible for developing the content and selecting top speakers for all of HBA's technical educational programs held at the annual September event and mid-year conference symposia. In addition, he will be enhancing the educational experience offered by HBA, starting with HBA University, a new program dedicated to providing an expanded view of cutting edge information and education based upon a "functional innovation" approach to learning.

"HBA University will be led by a prestigious faculty comprised of the highest caliber of experts in industry, academia and government. They will be selected based upon their leadership qualities, breadth of knowledge and communication skills," according to Mr. Rosen. "Faculty members will demonstrate a strong commitment to train and teach individuals from all of the various disciplines that must work together to produce successful products."

"HBA is thrilled to have Mr. Rosen join its team. His demonstrated leadership and experience will have a major impact on the future design and development of our technical conference programs," said Jay Gorga, event director for HBA Global Expo. "Our commitment is to provide industry professionals with the most compelling and relevant topics. Under Mr. Rosen's knowledgeable, and creative tutelage we look forward to expanding and presenting useful, practical and forward thinking conference programs that address scientific, technological, and commercial issues."

Mr. Rosen is a Chartered Chemist and Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (London), Fellow of the American Institute of Chemists and both a Certified Professional Chemist and Professional Chemical Engineer. His extensive credentials include: Fellow of the American College of Forensic Examiners, former Director of the American Institute of Chemists, past Vice President of the Association of Consulting Chemists & Chemical Engineers and Symposia Chair of both the Technology Transfer and Interface Science Symposia of the American Chemical Society's Colloid and Surface Science Division. Mr. Rosen is also a member of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists (SCC), the National Association of Science Writers, and the Controlled Release Society.

In addition, Mr. Rosen is Editor of the widely acknowledged "Delivery System Handbook: Technology, Applications and Formulations;" co-author of the "Rheology Modifier Handbook-Practical Use & Application;" and Series Editor of William Andrew Publishing's book series, "Breakthroughs in Personal Care & Cosmetic Technology." He has authored numerous articles for major scientific journals and industry publications. Mr. Rosen was selected by to provide assessments of new technology, emerging markets & novel applications.

About Interactive Consulting, Inc.
Interactive Consulting, Inc. (, now in its 15th year of service to the Specialty Chemical Industry, is a technology-based, management consulting firm. The company is committed to creating and facilitating breakthroughs in technology, creative technical marketing, custom market research, and product development issues.

Book Review

IFSCC Magazine reviews Delivery System Handbook

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(Sept. 13, 2006) - HBA Health & Beauty America is proud to present the First Annual HBA Regulatory Summit. The program was designed by Meyer R. Rosen, Founder & President of Interactive Consulting, Inc. We invite companies with interest in the personal care, cosmetics, fragrance, packaging and legal/regulatory fields to pro-actively expand, educate and empower the rational process for continuation of our industry's commitment to provide safe products to educated consumers. The First Annual HBA Regulatory Summit is designed to be a history-making, pro-active initiative to provide thoughtful, educational insights into the movements, legislation, scientific technologies and impact of rapidly evolving, current and potential global regulatory changes. Key Note Speaker, selected by Mr. Rosen is Bruce N. Ames, Ph.D,the world famous Professor of the Graduate School of Biochemistry & Molecular Biologyand Director of the National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences Center at University of California at Berkeley.

Conference Chair for Regulatory Summit

(September 13, 2006)- Meyer R. Rosen, President of Interactive Consulting, Inc. has been appointed Conference Chair by HBA Health and Beauty America for the upcoming First Annual HBA Regulatory Summit: "Prepare your Company for the Regulatory Revolution" at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City.

Expert of the Month

Meyer R. Rosen selected as's Expert Witness of the Month for April 2006.

Here's what they had to say: "Chemical Technology Expert Witness:
Mr. Meyer R. Rosen is the founder of Interactive Consulting, Inc., an internationally recognized chemical technology, expert witness and management consulting firm. Mr. Rosen provides expert witness and expert consultant services to plaintiff and defense attorneys as well as insurance companies in product liability, personal injury and intellectual property matters as an expert in specialty chemicals and their use and application."

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Expert Witness

Product liability

Personal Injury

Intellectual Property

Trade Secret Violation

Technical Marketing: Specialty Chemicals

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Technical Article Content Editing


Navin Geria, popular author of HAPPI Magazine’s Anti-Aging & Cosmeceuticals column for the last eleven years, and Chairman of the well- known HAPPI’s Anti-Aging Conference for the last four years, has provided the following assessment of the new. must-read Harry’s Cosmeticology, 9th Ed. Navin’s assessment of Harrys provides a thoughtful overview of its value for current and future seekers of information in this rapidly evolving field.

Meyer Rosen has broken new ground and redefined the entire Beauty category in the 9th edition of Harry's Cosmeticology. Harry's provides sound science through the eyes of animpressive team of over 150 global experts and thought leaders of dermatology and the cosmetic industry.

The "Theories of Aging" section salone, provides many thought-provoking ideas about the mechanisms of aging.This information could lead to a variety of research and development path ways. These can be further explored, researched and optimized, resulting in the launch of clinically validated, anti-aging preparations in every category of the current market place. This is, because, the subjects covered in Harrys, is extraordinary in the breadth and depth of its content.

Alternatively, it could generate a variety of new, unanticipated categories. The new wave of educated consumers, who crave interactive beauty knowledge and experience-which is both inspiring and motivating- would also welcome this opportunity.

Harry's reveals the truth that cosmetic companies and beauty magazines have yet to reveal. It is fun, fascinating and a must- read for anyone who puts anything on their face, hair, or other areas where cosmetics and personal care products are applied.

The publisher has creatively launched this 3 volume encyclopedic text in hard copy, eBook, and website for reader ease and convenience.